Webinar Replay: The Power of Onboarding

How important really is onboarding? Having a strong onboarding process in place means an enhanced candidate experience, stregnthening your employer branding and increasing your chances of acquiring top hires. Needless to say, onboarding is essential for talent attraction, upskilling, retention, and ensuring continual growth of your employees – and your business overall.

When our attendees were asked how they would rate their onboarding process, a huge majority of 74% rated theirs as average. So, how can you drive your onboarding strategy forward so that you can feel it’s excellent rather than just average? It starts with communication. The onboarding process does not have to be overly complex or advanced, but having strong, clear communication in place is the top way of ensuring a positive candidate experience. Getting out contracts and offer letters helps to engage candidates from that early point and make them feel valued, as well as sending out welcome emails, texts, and other means of maintaining that level of communication. View the video below for more insights and tips!

Speakers: Simon Connell, General Manager at Webonboarding and Merlijn Angad Gaur, Head of Talent Acquisition at Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

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Transforming employee onboarding management for recruitment teams and your new hires. Cloud based software to streamline onboarding processes from point of offer to first day.


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