The Power of ATS Data and How Best to Use it

A definitive eBook and step by step guide to successfully develop your recruitment metrics for Candidate Sourcing, Hiring Efficiency, Diversity & Inclusion & Key Performance Indicators.

It’s not easy being in-house recruitment professional. Your organisation expects you to wear many hats, not just a recruiter, but a marketer, and now a data scientist too.

But we all want to make better decisions. And to do that, we need easy access to accurate, reliable and timely data presented in easy-to-understand ways. But what should we be measuring? How should we gather the data? What does it mean? How can we benchmark our performance?

This eBook will look at:

What are recruitment metrics?

Recruitment metrics are a standard set of measurements used to manage and improve the process of hiring candidates into an organisation. Many recruitment metrics are used by organisations to gain valuable insights on potential candidates during the recruitment process. They allow organisations to create benchmarks and report against them.

Why should I use recruitment metrics?

Recruitment is tough, especially in a candidate-led jobs market, that’s why more than ever, having full insight into all aspects of your recruitment process is vital in the quest for hiring perfection. Recruitment metrics can help you maximise your return on marketing investment, track your performance toward diversity goals, optimise your process efficiency, and prove the value of your recruiting function to the leadership team.

What’s included:
  • First will look at creating a Candidate Sourcing Scorecard, by bringing together some ways to measure the performance of your recruitment advertisement and candidate sourcing channels.
  • Next, we’ll look at ways to measure the efficiency of your hiring process, to help you spot bottlenecks that need removing. We’ve also brought together some metrics that can be used as part of your Diversity & Inclusion programme to aid your hiring.
  • And finally, we’ll bring together some of the Key Performance Indicators that you can use to communicate your hiring successes to your leadership & executives.

The Recruitment Metrics Cookbook


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