It’s our most commonly-used phrase: Your organisation is unique… Your recruitment processes and needs are utterly bespoke to you.

We stand by that, but organisations in the same sector do tend to share common challenges.

Whether you work in hospitality, retail or Higher Education, we’ve highlighted one pain point in each sector and selected an essential ATS feature that could ease it.

If you work in retail, you need…

…a tool to help you automate the interview scheduling process.

High volume recruitment comes with an administrative headache: Scheduling interviews with candidates, blocking out time for hiring managers and liaising between the two. Add in seasonal hiring peaks like Christmas and you’ve got yourself a migraine.

Some Applicant Tracking Systems offer a ‘self-select’ interview feature, which allows candidates to choose which date and time suits them best via an online portal.

This can significantly reduce interview administration and should also reduce no-show’ rates at interviews or assessment days.

If you work in Higher Education…

…you need a tool to streamline your academic reference process.

Requesting and managing academic references is an essential element of HE recruitment. Unfortunately, the process can be incredibly time consuming, from contacting referees and waiting for a response to processing the reference and adding it to the candidate/employee record.

An automated reference collection tool will send a notification to referees and request them to complete a reference online via a link. Their response will then be sent straight back into your ATS.

It’s a much simpler, more efficient process for both you and the referee.

If you work in local government…

…you need reliable reporting to help track your recruitment spend.

The need to reduce costs spans across all sectors, but is possibly most keenly felt in local government. You need accurate ATS reports to demonstrate effective use of your budget and to help you understand where you should focus spend for future campaigns.

You also need to know which recruitment initiatives and sources result in quality hires for each role, from highways engineers to social workers.

Reliable reporting can also help you justify your spend to senior decision makers and build a business case for investment in certain platforms, advertising channels or campaigns in the future.

If you work in hospitality…

… you need an effective way to reach high volumes of candidates in one simple, easy communication.

Two-way SMS technology integrates with your Applicant Tracking System so you can send texts to multiple candidates straight from your ATS. All replies from candidates will be recorded within your ATS too.

In a fast-paced, competitive industry like hospitality, with high staff turnover and the need to recruit a diverse range of candidates quickly and cost-effectively, text is an instant and impactful way to communicate and engage with your applicants.

It’s ideal for sending interview reminders or asking applicants to confirm their attendance at an assessment day, and can lead to a significant reduction in your no-show rates.

If you work in the third sector…

… you need a way to manage passive talent.

It’s wise for third sector organisations to use talent pools, as hiring passive talent can be a simple and cost-effective way to fill both employee and volunteer roles.

Encourage candidates to register for job alerts, so they can receive notifications when a relevant volunteering opportunity crops up. This will also enable you to start building a pool of engaged talent in your ATS.

You should be able to build pools based on criteria such as location or skills to help you quickly and easily identify relevant potential candidates.

We could write 100 reasons why you need an ATS (don’t worry, we won’t!).

In this post we’ve only skimmed the surface of how an ATS can help organisations in a variety of sectors. Whatever your pain points, a flexible Applicant Tracking System should be able to adapt to meet your needs and help you.

Established in 1997, Hireserve is trusted by in-house recruiters across the world, such as REED, the RNLI and Arriva. Hireserve creates recruitment software with a human touch.

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  1. Nextal ATS 2 years ago

    Veyy true, you could write over 100 reasons. I think moder Applicant Tracking Systems shouldn’t be called by this name, because they have much more to offer than tracking candidates. Depending on the industry, they can even be used for things not related to candidates. For instance, students application for a univeristy program, managing references, etc.

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