The Buyers Guide to Pre-hire Assessments

Choosing a pre-hire assessment for your organisation can be tricky. The right assessment depends on a combination of the role types you’re hiring for, your hiring goals and the overall business needs. However, the advantages of using assessments in the hiring process are clear. Not only can they predict the best candidates in your talent pipeline, they can also play an important part in understanding how to get the best from new hires when they join.

Pre-hire assessments can also drastically improve decision-making consistency and hiring accuracy as well as reduce unconscious bias in the selection process. To help you pick the right pre-hire assessment for you, our friends at ThriveMap have created a helpful guide.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded the Thrivemap e-book, this link is now closed. For more helpful information about assessments and talent attraction, make sure to head to Thrivemap’s website, or check out our Resources page.

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