Ready for ANYTHING at the AA? – An Interview with RAD Award Winner Craig Morgans

When Craig Morgans, Head of Talent Acquisition & HR Shared Services at The AA needed to raise perception of the company’s brand as an employer, he felt experiential events were clearly a good way to do so.

The events were held in two key locations close to two of The AA’s call centres; Birmingham’s Bullring and Gateshead’s Metro Centre. Roles in The AA’s call centre roles are not usual call centre jobs; responsibilities range from taking a call from someone renewing membership to possibly taking an emergency break-down call from a family on the hard shoulder of the M6. You just don’t know what you’re going to get.

So, although, of course, the purpose of the events was to fill jobs, equally, it was to demonstrate the spirit of the employer, engage the crowd and get them involved; both in person and online.

The events needed to be high impact, truly memorable and generate plenty of buzz and long-lasting recyclable content. Both events were designed and executed in close partnership with PeopleScout UK who had the unenviable logistical nightmare of not only managing the projects, but also sourcing 64 fake spiders, 15 litres of custard and 2 tubes of wasabi paste…. Amongst other things!

To find out more about the campaign that won Craig and his team the 2019 RAD award for Best Event, Experiential or Outdoor, read his interview with Candidate.ID Co-founder Adam Gordon right here.

Event Partner

Candidate.ID is a talent pipeline automation software platform which is used to create genuine talent pipelines which allows recruiters to understand which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ in real time. We enable multi-national employers to create a more personalised candidate experience, enhance quality-of-shortlist and reduce time-to-shortlist by 50%.

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