If you go to a recruitment technology conference you will be overwhelmed by not only the total number of vendors, but the number of vendors in every niche and how each vendor has a slightly different twist within their niche.

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  • An ATS is not ‘just’ an ATS.
  • Video interviewing technology is not ‘just’ video interviewing technology.
  • And don’t even get me started on assessments.

But I get it. Everyone wants to stand out as being a little bit better than their competitors and whilst that makes sense, it doesn’t really help anyone as the buyer ends up being confused and indecisive and the seller frustrated by their indecision.

If we take the hallowed ATS as a start point, I could whip up a list of 50 UK focused vendors with very little effort. There are then so many different flavours of ATS to choose from with various additional modules that choosing starts to become so painful that the process feels like a much bigger project than originally thought, so it gets put off for another time.

Add CRM to that list and it grows again. Not that CRM is any better defined than ATS. Do you get a standalone CRM or an ATS with CRM functionality. And what exactly is a CRM?

Enter the Talent Acquisition Technology Yearbook

The yearbook is being written and produced by Peter Gold exclusively for the IHRN and will be launched at the Data & Insight In-house Recruitment Conference on 23 March 2017.

The purpose of the year book is to make it easier for the buyer to buy technology by simplifying the jargon and different types of vendor so that they can compare a small number of similar products that meet their needs. In turn, the vendors will get better quality sales enquiries and achieve higher conversion rates.

What we as an industry need to remember is that most TA professionals don’t buy technology that often. In the case of an ATS, they will most likely inherit one and in many cases it will still be there when they move on, so if they do get to buy an ATS, it may be their first time. And doing anything for the first time is always daunting. The vendor of course sells an ATS for their living so is far more adept but not necessarily quite so adept at recognising the buyer’s position.

Starting small

Eventually we will be covering every aspect of talent acquisition technology, from ‘hire to retire’, but in the first edition we will focus only on the ATS and CRM. That’s it. But as the ATS is at the heart of EVERY In-house Recruitment function we’ll start there and move out to the rest later.

A real book!

I love paper. There, I said it. Which means one version of the yearbook will be hardback, full colour, printed. But, there will also be PDF and Kindle versions to download so you can have either or both. You choose. Whichever works best for you. Our goal is to see a copy of the yearbook on the desk(top) of every In-house Recruiter.

Register or sponsor

If you’d like to get a copy of the yearbook for FREE you can pre-register here.

If you are a vendor and are interested in sponsorship opportunities, you can contact the In-house Recruitment Network team on 0203 196 8100 or email hello@inhouserecruitment.co.uk

Pre-register for your FREE Recruitment Technology Yearbook

About the author

Peter Gold, Editor in Chief of ‘The Talent Acquisition Technology Yearbook”. Peter is an ex-recruiter who built one of the UK’s first Applicant Tracking Systems in 1998. In 2002 he sold his business and then worked with major retailers such as Mothercare, The Body Shop, Tesco, Pets at Home and many more on their digital resourcing strategy as well as publishing numerous white papers, books and blogs on the same subject.

He now works as a business coach and content writer for technology vendors to help them build a more efficient, thought provoking business that people love to work with.

He is currently hacking his way towards creating a self-managing business and the infamous ‘Four Hour Work Week’, so that he can spend more time running ultra-marathons around the world.


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