Let Technology Innovation Drive Your Recruitment Success

Before they take the stage at our 2018 In-house Recruitment Technology Conference, our partners at Amberjack have dropped by to talk about the innovative technologies that have shaped their clients’ recruitment success.

The market for talent has evolved more significantly in the past 12 months than it has in the last 12 years. The advent of automation and digital assessment, combined with the increasing influence the modern consumer experience has on candidate experience expectations means that strategies that worked in the past to attract and select the very best talent, are no longer effective or competitive.

Technology innovation is more important than ever before. It’s not just about keeping up with the competition, its more than that. It’s about ensuring that you meet the demanding expectations of candidates today. But at the same time any innovation must be effective. We all know results matter.

At Amberjack we’ve seen that over the past year technology innovation delivers significant positive change, transforming recruitment effectiveness. As trusted partners we have been at the forefront of much of this disruption, change and best practice that is shaping the future of not only student recruitment but the recruitment industry.

Entire recruitment processes have been revolutionised. Taking a strategic approach to develop bespoke solutions that meet the individual needs of employers and their candidates is making recruitment more effective than ever before – reducing time to hire from months to days, saving time and costs. Unilever is just one example of an employer whose recruitment has been transformed by technology innovation. Their future leaders programme recruits c.800 global hires each year and benefits from a new digital selection process that includes AI.

The new process is an industry first. It’s engaging, immersive and innovative. It’s mobile-enabled and flexible, allowing candidates to complete tasks in their own time and benefit from constant feedback. The digital process includes short application form, profile assessment, video interview, and discovery centres.

The results are impressive! Time-to-hire is now less than 14 days even 1-2 days against a market average of 60 days. Time taken to manually screen candidates has been reduced by 75% saving 50,000 hours of recruiter time. 87% of candidates feel positive about the experience they have received leading to offer acceptance rates increasing by 20% to 80% overall.

Perhaps the most outstanding achievement is that the new process not only delivers market leading results but that it will save Unilever more than £1 million per year in cost savings. Because of this transformation Unilever’s new approach was named Technology Innovation Of The Year at the Recruiter Awards.

As the Unilever example demonstrates well designed technology innovation leads to transformational results. But solutions such as Match-Me tools, Immersive SJTs, gamification and AI can make a real impact not just for efficiency and effectiveness but diversity too.

Network Rail who make over c.180 graduate hires each year recently upgraded their selection process to improve diversity but also to give all graduate applicants, regardless of background, the best possible chance to succeed. Real-time reporting provided complete campaign visibility that enabled accurate pipeline forecasting, which in turn meant that Positive Action was able to be introduced for the first time in a volume recruitment context. In just five months 185 graduate hires were made, of which more than half were for challenging engineering roles. Female representation was increased 100% on workforce levels and BAME hires were five times greater.

At the In-house Recruitment Technology Conference we’ll be exploring what the future holds and crucially how recruitment can still feel human in an increasingly automated world.  Join us for “Automating like a human: always engaged in the digital age” to benefit from unique insights, key learnings and the latest trends that will impact your recruitment future.

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