Tech Hiring 2.0 – Redefining Your HR Strategy Amid Covid-19 and Beyond

At our one-day conference and exhibition series, Dom Harvey from CW Jobs and Steve Ward from Universum share their perspective on the UK Tech Market and the confidence the industry has in the future.

Topics Discussed
  •  The current state of the UK tech job market
  • UK tech confidence levels now and in the future
  • The impact of Covid-19 and the importance of employer branding
  • The tech skills needed to succeed in the industry
Who Spoke

Dom Harvey

Commercial Director

Steve Ward

UK Business Director

For the last 20 years, CWJobs has been the home for tech jobs. We match employers from all industries with the most relevant tech talent through our innovative product technology and unique candidate audience.

Our CV database of 1.2 million skilled candidates combined with our expert understanding of tech recruitment means that our clients can find the right talent, quickly and efficiently.

For more information about CWJobs, get in touch on 0333 0145 111.

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