In an increasingly competitive market you need to make sure you’re playing your ‘A’ game to get the best employees on board. The best place to start is to really nail your talent management.

Once labelled ‘the applicants’ or ‘employees’, the recent shift in term to ‘talent’ is pretty important. Whether you’re searching for it, developing it, or maintaining it, a new approach is now needed to keep your talent strong.

Recruitment software specialists, LogicMelon, have put together a guide to help you get your talent affairs in order, both internally and externally. Included in this easily digestible guide is:

  • How to build a Talent Pool
  • The structure of your Talent Pool
  • How to manage your Talent Pool
  • A guide to talent management tools and resources

The Talent Pool is the star of the show here. You’ll learn how to build and maintain one and get an overview of the key principles, tools and beyond.

Just click the link to claim your free guide/ebook.


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