Talent Acquisition in a Post COVID-19 World

At our In-house Recruitment Live Virtual one-day conference and exhibition, Nicolas Speeckaert from Skeeled redefined the current online recruiting and talent acquisition space. By successfully competing in the market with the most powerful online talent acquisition tool for companies seeking to enhance their TA processes and hire the best talents with predictability.

Topics Discussed
  • What is the latest? A look at some recent surveys
  • What is the impact on TA (new trends & strategies)
  • From crisis to opportunity – how to handle high volume recruiting?
  • How AI and technology can help
Who Spoke

Nicolas Speeckaert

Founder and Managing Partner

skeeled helps companies hire the right people faster with predictive talent acquisition software. Our mission is to bring to the job market the most modern and innovative hiring process with a new approach towards how candidates apply and how recruiters can be supported.
We offer an all-in-one online solution that digitalises and automates the first steps of the recruitment process, saving recruiters a great amount of time and allowing them to focus on the best talent.
Our innovative technology includes great features such as automated publishing of job offers, automated CV screening, personality evaluation assessment, structured video interviews, collaborative commenting tools, advanced tracking functionalities and many others. From corporations to small businesses, recruitment teams love working with skeeled.

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