Taking Your EVP From a Value Proposition to Winning Content

Implementing and innovating an Employer Branding strategy is essential in ensuring business success. The goal of our Employer Branding Conference was to teach you how to celebrate your company persona and showcase what makes it unique. Learn the tools and techniques needed to update and enhance your employer brand at this dynamic digital event.

At our Employer Branding virtual conference, Ife Akintoye presented insightful information on EVP. She has a degree in creative design and marketing and almost six years of experience in multi-channel marketing, Ife currently works within the central marketing team at Mott MacDonald, a global engineering, management and development consultancy. She was brought on to implement multi-channel marketing into the recruitment strategies. Finding ways to clearly translate our EVP is a role that had never before been done at Mott MacDonald and one which she has taken from strength to strength for three years now.

Topics Discussed
  • A guide to bringing your EVP to life using content marketing
  • A great starting point if you have little or no budget at all
  • A look at the ingredients used to bring Mott MacDonald to where it is now
Who Spoke


Senior Social Media and Marketing Executive
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