Inclusive Recruitment in a Post-Pandemic World

In this webinar you will be hearing from leading talent experts about how they have kept I&D at the forefront of the talent agenda, whilst pivoting their approach to attracting, assessing and onboarding talent during the pandemic.

IR35, Off-Payroll and the Recruitment Supply Chain

In this webinar you will learn an easy-to-understand explanation of IR35 and off-payroll reforms, how it will affect the recruitment supply chain, and what the changes mean for employers of contractors who work through a limited company.

Talent Acquisition Success Through Predictive Hiring

In this webinar you will learn how predictive analytics can be an effective way to source higher calibre candidates, faster, using rich data sets and algorithms that will be sure to set-up all key stakeholders for success.

High Volume Recruiting in the ‘New Norm’

Join this webinar and delve into some of the hottest trends around hourly hires including the tech stack needed, how to design the process efficiently and what the new norm might look like

The Power of Onboarding

In this webinar, we will discuss the best ways to design a successful onboarding strategy. Our expert speakers will share advice and personal experiences while guiding you in creating the most efficient onboarding strategies.

Webinar: How to Deliver Volume Recruitment with a Personal Touch

Volume recruitment can involve an exponential number of applications, often 10 to 20 times higher than those generated by general recruitment. But with the right processes and tools in place, we can ensure that every candidate will receive an impeccable experience regardless of outcome.

Webinar: Financial Services Recruitment

Volume recruitment must strike the right balance between efficiency and consistency. With time being your biggest enemy, how can you successfully deliver talent at scale, without compromising on quality or candidate experience? In this breakfast, we will uncover challenges and industry best practice around volume recruitment.