The Art of Social Recruitment

Love it or loathe it, social media has become a big part of the way we connect, engage and interact with the world around us. It has become one of the key channels we use to keep in touch with news stories of the day, organise our social lives and keep in touch with friends.

Social media also has a place in the commercial world and recruiters have adopted it as a tool in a variety of ways. Paying for targeted advertising, sharing content and building communities at one end, and the dreaded “I’m Hiring” post on LinkedIn at the other. However it’s used, it has the potential to help you reach audiences and tell your story in a way that’s more accessible than ever before.

Working with employer branding agency Chatter, O2 have successfully built an approach to social that’s helped bring their people strategy to life, build their profile as an employer and showcase their unique culture as an organisation. Alex Blow, Account Manager at Chatter shares some top tips for anyone who’s thinking about using social for recruitment for the first time, or is keen to improve the results of their own social recruitment strategy.

1. Data, data, data

Each social platform has it’s own built-in analytics, but it’s worth getting to grips with the raw data. This will tell you a story beyond likes and shares, and influence your tactics and strategy going forward. Little and often is the best approach.

2. Channel planning

The same people in your audience may well follow you across several platforms. Use the data to make some bold decisions about what kind of content you’re going to share on each. Creating links from one to another will give your audience reasons to engage with multiple profiles.

3. Documentation over creation

Don’t get hung up on spending thousands on the perfect one off piece of creative. Document your work, your culture and your environment, and learn to re-purpose and reuse content to make the most of it. Use this as your foundation and then spend the big bucks on polished creative to really hit home.

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