SMRS report

With UK employment at its highest ever, at 75.1%, there are many positive things in the UK job market to be happy about. But as the economic world adapts to disruptions in technology, skills shortage, Brexit, and inflation, employers are facing new challenges.

At a time of political and economic uncertainty, many UK businesses face tough times in recruitment.

So, to gain a better understanding of today’s recruitment challenges, SMRS, employer marketing agency, worked with to dig deeper into job seeker behaviours, and find out what matters to them. They set out to find this in answer to three key questions:

  • What makes people move?
  • How much does company brand, reputation and values mean when changing jobs?
  • What can recruiters do to gain the edge in the competition over talent?

If you’d like to find out more, read the full report from SMRS at the link below.


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