Recruiters spend an average of 23 hours a week screening a CV. With up to 80% of applicants usually unqualified for a role, that’s almost half a week of a recruiter’s work wasted on irrelevant talent. As our industry is overwhelmed by countless repetitive administrative tasks that make up the recruitment process, in the end it’s the candidate experience that suffers most.

With great advances in technology and AI, and with an abundance of candidate data available at our fingertips, it’s high time we moved recruitment out of “the dark ages” and pushed it towards more innovation. This breakfast event held in partnership with SmartRecruiters, looked at how implementing technology in areas with little impact on candidate experience (from screening to sourcing and assessment) can help free up more time for recruiters to spend interacting with talent where it’s needed most. Our expert speakers also paid special attention to educating management to get their buy-in for change.

The key to success, however, is to know where to draw the line between machine and human touch in the candidate journey. Before deciding to jump into new technology, involve your key stakeholders in the decision-making and ensure you are addressing a real recruitment problem. In the end, technology is only a catalyst for change – not the end goal.

Check out our post-event whitepaper for a more detailed overview of what was discussed on the day.

Who Spoke

Daria Johnson, Director of Talent

Sudhir Puligundla, Director-Digital Transformation

Hayke Tjemmes, TA Business Partner

Rob Symons, Vice President-Northern Europe

Event Partner


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