Showcasing Your Employer Brand & Standing Out Against the Crowd

We had the opportunity to sit down with Modiara Kamps, who takes care of Employer Branding and EMEA Corporate Consumer Tech at Amazon for our recent podcast. We delved into discussions around showcasing your employer brand and helping to maintain an effective talent attraction strategy even amid these challenging and uncertain times.

We partnered with Indeed to speak with some influential Talent Acquisition Teams, delving into some of the key challenges, opportunities and key trends to be aware of in 2020, specifically surrounding Talent Attraction, Retention, and Upskilling.

There are a range of unique challenges faced by recruiters in the current climate. While it can be easy to fixate on the present, it’s crucial to look ahead and plan for the future. Lockdown is only temporary, and eventually, many businesses will be functioning as they once were. However, people will remember how companies treated their employees during this time. The current situation actually offers an opportunity for businesses to showcase their defining assets; being candidate-driven, being innovative, prioritising mental wellbeing. Whatever it is that makes you unique, be sure to communicate this in all of the content you put out.

People are vulnerable right now, and showing empathy is critical…”

Recent events have proven to be immensely challenging for companies across the nation. However, it is also challenging for each individual that constitutes those companies. Demonstrating empathy is fundamental, and is perhaps the most important factor in determining how your organisation will be remembered. Stay in tune with candidates’ needs, and align this with your employer branding strategy. This will help to build a clear, consistent message which resonates with people on an emotional level.  Make sure to check out the video for more, or listen to the full podcast!

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