How will Brexit potentially affect our hiring strategy? Where does programmatic advertising fit into our attraction mix? Which of my team could soon be replaced by robots? Should we be changing our approach to attract Millennials?

If you’re an in-house recruiter in the UK and you haven’t considered the above questions yet, you will be very soon.

In September 2016, along with sponsors AIA Worldwide, Reconverse’s Jamie Leonard invited 15 Heads of Resourcing for 2 days of presentations, roundtable discussions and debate around the potential challenges and opportunities all resourcing teams will face in 2017. The event was called The Resourcing Leaders Summit and result was something very special.

Created by recording all conversations at the event and produced in partnership with Carve Consulting, white paper Resourcing 2017: What’s Now, New and Next? aims to better equip in-house teams for the year ahead, regardless of size. Covering everything from Brexit and the Apprenticeship Levy, to innovative developments in AI and data.

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Inspired by the incredible insight and learnings from the event, 2017 will see the launch of The RL100 (Resourcing Leaders 100).

Comprised of 100 “invite by recommendation only” members, exclusive to the UK’s most influential Heads of Resourcing and Director level talent leaders, the goal of the RL100 is to share its combined experience and expertise with the entire market.

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Marketing Note:  Please only share the download page and not the link directly to the URL, as we will be changing the URL to the paper sporadically.


About Reconverse

Reconverse is an events business that works exclusively with the in-house recruitment community.  Their belief is that small groups of people, talking openly and honestly, yield far greater output than one person presenting to a conference room of people.

Operating now in their sixth year, they have hosted over 180 events, ranging from boutique networking events for 20 people, to festival style events of 500 in-house recruiters in Borough Market, the HMS President and Billy Bobs Honkeytonk in Texas.



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