Using Research to Build an Employer Brand to Believe In

If you don’t have a successful employer brand, you could be missing out on attracting over 42% of the very best available talent. So what are the world’s best employer brands doing that others aren’t? They research, create and target whilst offering a blend of authenticity with relevance and differentiation.

In this interactive virtual event we teamed case study presentations to hear how acting on these three essential steps will help you to build a global award-winning employer brand.

Topics Discussed
  • Using research and discovery methodologies to build an employer brand to believe in
  • Creating an employer brand story that’s globally consistent, yet locally flexible
  • Getting creative – how to strip back campaigns to get to the big idea
  • Connecting your culture, purpose and values to your target audience
  • How to create clear, consistent and compelling work
  • How to break the media contract cycle and take back control
  • Diversifying channel usage to reduce CPA (Cost Per Application)
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke

Beth Rowlands

Head of Talent & Skills UK

Simon McLoughlin

Event Partner

Creed Comms is a full-service, award-winning recruitment marketing agency that builds world-class employer brands, delivers innovative talent attraction strategies, achieves great ROI through media optimisation and creates inspiring internal comms that will knock your socks off. Driven by results, they offer strategy, creative, digital, insights, media buying/tracking and great service to employers across all sectors in the UK and internationally.

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