IHR RecTech Conference: 10 Key Takeaways from Seenit

Last week we asked 10 delegates at the In-house Recruitment Technology conference what their key take-aways were. Check out the video to see how we collaboratively brought these event highlights to life with the Seenit Platform.

  1. The roundtables

Having in depth discussions with other Talent Acquisition specialists and share the same challenges and talk about potential solutions in small groups.

  1. Automation

Learning about how other companies automate their tech talent processes.

  1. Peer to peer learning

Hearing other small-medium sized businesses going through a recruitment process review and tech implementation.

  1. Onboarding technologies

Learning about different tools and techniques we can use to engage new recruits into the company culture.

  1. Video interviewing

Using video as the first step of the candidate journey.

  1. Video

The importance of people-led video throughout the entire recruitment process.

  1. Authentic content

The importance of trusted and authentic recruitment content that really shows who you are as a company.

  1. Presentations

Some inspiring presentations with great learnings to take away.

  1. Programmatic advertising

And how it can help support traction and engagement of talents.

  1. Data tracking

Learning how to track data better, to be able to approach a wider, more diverse pool of candidates.

Bring storytelling to life with Seenit!

Seenit is helping organisations like yours, humanise your brand and bring your company culture to life through employee-led video. Boost job applications and attract top talent.

The enterprise video crowdsourcing platform allows you to direct your employees from all over the world to be your own mobile film crew. The content filmed on the smartphone app can then easily be curated, edited, and published, all within the Seenit platform.


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