‘Recruitment Data: What, When, Why And How’, was the very last In-house Recruitment Network breakfast of 2015, and it was an absolute pleasure to share it with event partners, Broadbean Technology. 

The final breakfast event of the year united just over 30 in-house recruitment professionals, all of whom were keen for an education on the world of recruitment data and how to take advantage of it. As always, it was an opportunity for like-minded peers to discuss the challenges they face at the recruitment data door, as well as where they’ve experienced success. This event was bursting at the seams with one of the highest check-in rates we’ve had this year, and everyone took the chance to contribute ideas and solutions during the valuable round-table sessions. We were privileged to hear from two specialist guest speakers, who shared their insights, from measuring the success of a recruitment campaign to understanding how candidates engage with the application process.


Special Guest speaker: Imad Paracha, Tesco PLC

Imad Paracha Our special guest speaker, Imad Paracha, Talent Marketing Manager at Tesco PLC, got everyone warmed up with his engaging presentation on the ‘back to basics’ campaign he launched, which transformed Tesco’s candidate experience through a comprehensive analysis of data, resources, technology and channels. Imad shares a candid account of the challenges faced with a volume hire model and gave our in-house recruiters the hope that even though it might seem like an impossible mountain to climb, recruitment data, business buy-in, and effective resource can result in substantial business change.


Click below for Imad’s full presentation:


Tesco Slide 1



Special Guest speaker: Joshua Willows, Broadbean Technology

Josh WillowsJoshua Willows, Corporate Sales Executive at Broadbean Technology, led us into our final round-table discussion, by giving us a comprehensive insight into the solutions on offer to help in-house recruiters with their recruitment data needs. He delivered a fantastic introduction to Broadbean Technology and sent everyone into the final session with a list of key takeaways which were implementable immediately. It definitely got everyone talking which concluded the morning perfectly.


Click below for Joshua’s full presentation:


Broadbean slide one

View the event notes: 

In response to the questions, challenges and solutions discussed at ‘Recruitment Data: What, When, Why And How’ we have put together this simple whitepaper-style guide to provide you with some small, implementable steps to help towards changing the way you collate and use your recruitment data.

Recruitment Data Featured Image


During the interactive round-table sessions, we discussed the following questions:

  • Why is recruitment data important and what are the benefits of getting it right?
  • What’s missing in the way you utilise your recruitment data?
  • What data are you currently gathering and what are you doing with it?
  • How do you currently track applications?
  • What role does technology play in improving tracking?
  • What are the first steps to business buy-in?
  • What can you implement immediately?


We would like to extend a special thank you to Broadbean Technology for partnering with us in this event and for making ‘Recruitment Data: What, When, Why And How’ such a huge success!


Broadbean 250 x 150


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