Simple, Quick and Accessible – It’s Time We All Took Recruitment Chatbots More Seriously

We’ve seen him at the In-house Recruitment Technology Conference. Now his software is about to partner with one of the most innovative brands in the industry. Iain Hamilton is on a mission to make chatbots the standard tool for talent delivery and he will take us all along for the journey at our smart technology breakfast on 12 April. But first, let’s find out a bit more about Iain.

A former in-house recruiter and recruitment marketing consultant, Iain came up with the idea for a chatbot while he was working on a talent generation campaign for a client early last year. He noticed that while Facebook ad campaigns were successful in driving candidates on the employer’s career site, they would seldom convert into leads. But when he trialled sending candidates to Facebook Messenger to discuss the roles in more detail, they each started converting into applications and drop-off rates fell significantly.

“But this process wasn’t sustainable for us,” Iain explains. “We had to handhold candidates through every stage of the application to ensure conversion. So on that basis we created a functionality that would provide automation and a simpler process for clients to work their candidates into the recruitment process.

“That’s when we added in a chatbot to Facebook Messenger that would enable candidates to apply for the job without even leaving the platform.”

What is a recruitment chatbot?

Essentially, a recruitment chatbot can act as an assistant to an in-house recruiter, doing the administrative work whilst adding value to the candidate experience. It facilitates open communication with the candidates, consistently sharing relevant content and updates to familiarise them with the recruitment process and your employer brand.

“Corporate recruitment functions are massively understaffed for the service they should provide. In addition to delivering the best talent, they must also ensure an open, communicable and up-to-date application process, on a user-friendly interface,” Iain says.

Today, highly skilled candidates are bombarded by job offers both online and off. It takes more than an attractive salary to draw them to yours. The right approach at the right time will make them feel truly valued. But the damage employers can do to their brand by not communicating properly with their candidates cannot be understated. A chatbot can provide a quick and easy way for somebody to work through and engage with your business by simply replicating a natural conversation. “It can keep people warm and fond of your brand,” Iain adds.

For the modern candidate that is constantly online, a chatbot-driven recruitment process seems ideal. The expectation of instant gratification means candidates no longer have the time or interest to research an employer 10 pages deep into their website. They want a clear call to action that will instantly give them the information they seek. With a chatbot, they can get this by asking one simple question.

Iain’s chatbot platform, Recruitment Bot, is partnering with market leaders at Broadbean for an exciting new project that promises to innovate the way we connect with talent. Keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal!

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