Recruitment Buzzwords and Market Trends

At our In-house Recruitment Live Virtual one-day conference and exhibition, Josh Willows from Broadbean talked us through the words and phrases we hear every event in the industry. He explains what they mean and what are actionable takeaways for all businesses; not just the ones who have Hollywood budgets and shiny new recruitment systems?

Topics Discussed
  • “Programmatic”
  • “Treat your candidates like consumers”
  • “Social Advocacy”
Who Spoke

Josh Willows

Head of Corporate Sales

Broadbean is the global leader in providing sophisticated, yet easy-to-use candidate sourcing tools that help recruiters improve efficiency and increase return on investment. Their software as a service (SaaS) makes it easy to distribute jobs and search for talent online, while providing tools to optimise your recruitment process and integrate internal systems. Broadbean’s analytics give insight on your most successful sourcing channels and provide metrics to increase effectiveness, ultimately lowering the cost of your online recruitment spend.

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