Recruiting Unbound: Building a Resilient TA Function

Recruiting today is not like yesterday. Every business has seen change, and that change is personal to each organisation. They all need people though – the right people that can help their business respond to the changing environment, fast.

They need to understand how they can deal with the surplus of candidates and get to the quality, how their brand can be impacted by how their business behaves, whether they buy, borrow or build the skills the business needs and how they teach people to manage all this change now and in the future.

At our In-house Recruitment Live Virtual one-day conference and exhibition, Matt Alder, Recruiting Future Podcast and Duncan Miller, Cornerstone talked us through the topic of how to unbound your TA function from conventional thinking – and build resilience for whatever comes next.

Topics Discussed
  • Agility – How and where organisations can flex their process to meet changing demands
  • Authenticity – How does your brand represent who you are today and tomorrow?
  • Skills – How can you identify, detect and hire the skills you need?
  • Learning – How can you upgrade the quality of your recruiters, hiring managers and candidates?
Who Spoke

Matt Alder

Producer and Host

Duncan Miller

Senior Director Marketing Strategy

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