Quick-Fire Chats with Expedia: Diversity, Inclusion and Everything In-between

In a marketplace short on tech talent, hiring for diversity can seem nearly impossible. But getting that perfect gender balance doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark.

Jenna Prescott, Recruitment Manager at Expedia Group, will join the Tech Talent In-house Recruitment Conference on 11th October 2018, along with Dave Thomas, Enterprise Relationship Manager at Hired, to talk about the technology partnership that has helped the travel giant reach its moonshot goal of reaching a 50:50 gender split in their tech hires by 2018.

We sat down with Jenna and Dave to find out more about how they made Diversity & Inclusion core to Expedia Group’s global talent planning. Check out our teaser interview with them in the video below. To hear the full story, make sure you don’t miss their talk at the conference.

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