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As you might know, we host 70+ live (usually) and virtual events, from virtual exhibitions to exclusive virtual roundtable events and webinars we’re able to open a unique dialogue with your target audience, Recruitment Leaders. This dialogue provides us with insightful and intimate details from our audience, which is highly sought after, given the recent changes in the recruitment industry. Below are the findings from some of our most successful events in quarter 3 of 2020.

If you read our insights from the 1st quarter and 2nd quarter, you’ll know we frequently ask our event audience a straight-forward but vital question: “what are your main recruitment challenges?” The answers to this question help us to better understand what recruitment leaders are experiencing right now and how our partners can better connect to them, the below information is what we found.

What are your main recruitment challenges?

Getting the right technology/systems implemented40%


Lack of qualified candidates45%


Lack of recruitment marketing budget10%




Lack of resourcing skills within the team5%


Poor candidate experience25%


Lack of brand awareness55%


Too many applicants15%


The above answers highlight that in-house recruiters and talent acquisition professionals are currently struggling with the lack of brand awarenessgetting the right technology/systems implemented and lack of qualified candidates. If you’re in the business of solving or assisting with these problems then we do recommend filling out the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with our partnerships team as you could benefit from being involved in a future event.

IR35 is one of the most talked-about topics in the industry right now as it’s a little controversial and difficult to keep up with. We are curious to learn how the industry is adapting and what plans are being put in place before the changes in April. At a recent IR35 event we asked, “has your business commenced its project to prepare for the IR35 changes in April 2021?” In response to the poll, 86% of the audience answered “yes” and very far behind was a “no” at 11% and finally 3% answered, “don’t know.”

This poll is insightful and telling for what stages most employers find themselves and sets us up to ask an important question, “what do you perceive to be the one key challenge your business faces in preparing for IR35 changes?

What do you perceive to be the one key challenge your business faces in preparing for IR35 changes?

Identifying contractors across your business7%


Undertaking an IR35 assessment of all PSC contracts45%


Ensuring compliance within your supply chain28%


Managing contractors reaction to inside IR35 assessments21%


The leading answer on the above question was at 45 % for “undertaking an IR35 assessment of all PSC contract,” so we asked what their strategy was for personal service companies.

Does your business intend to roll out a blanket ban on the use of PSCs?





Don’t know35%


The audience confirmed that they do not intend to ban the use of PSCs. We finally asked, “does your business intend to make IR35 determination using CEST?” To which 55% answered “yes,” 17% said “no,” and 28% said they did not know.

Conducting the necessary background checks to ensure candidates’ right to work is imperative to all organisations, of any size or background and not getting this right can have catastrophic business implications. “Nearly £10.6m issued in fines to businesses employing illegal workers from July to September 2019.″ Source – Home Office* We asked our audience, “How do you currently screen your candidates?”


How do you currently screen your candidates?



Screening Software7%




Onto a big question, “are your candidate screening processes ready for post-Brexit?” Most of the audience, 60%, answered that they were not sure of what was to come, 17% answered “yes” and finally 23% said “no.”

Finally, we gained more insight into their ATS in the next 12 months and what they’re currently using as you can see below.

From the above information, we can better understand our audience and drive our efforts in partnering with the highest and most qualified in order to gain the most worthwhile knowledge. As we look ahead to the 4th quarter, we see many changes and transitions for the recruitment industry and look forward to updating you on the results. If your organisation is interested in getting in front of an audience like ours then please fill out the form below to get in touch with our partnerships team.

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