[Podcast] Talent Attraction, Retention & Upskilling

In this podcast episode, IHR’s Natasha Preocanin and Peter Byrne, Recruitment Specialist from Google, discuss how it’s possible to get the most out of your employees from the perspective of attraction, upskilling and retaining.

Peter Byrne

Recruiting Specialist


We partnered with Indeed to speak with some influential Talent Acquisition Teams, delving into some of the key challenges, opportunities and key trends to be aware of in 2020, specifically surrounding Talent Attraction, Retention, and Upskilling.

Companies and employees alike feel vulnerable given the current climate of extreme uncertainty and unprecedented change. Businesses will be remembered for how they treat their employees which will set the precedent for whether people will feel loyalty to that company in the future. Being candidate-driven and allowing this to drive your approach to talent attraction, retention & upskilling will ensure the continual development of your organisation as well as protecting your brand’s image in the future.

It’s no secret that talent attraction and candidate retention are closely intertwined. Attracting the candidate is only the first hurdle, but how do you ensure a high level of retention? Google’s answer is to keep reminding your employees of the very reasons they chose to work for your organisation and instilling an environment of continual learning, development and trust. People like new opportunities and this is the most exciting part of getting a new role, but it doesn’t need to stop there. Providing your team with continual opportunities to upskill and develop creates an environment that they can grow in, as well as building an exciting journey for them where they have the flexibility to explore different talents.

This can be a particularly smart move with regards to upskilling for roles not yet in existence. In a world dominated by technology, tech-based skills are highly valuable and will help to best prepare candidates for the job roles of the future. Through offering different workshops and training experiences, such as Google’s online learning hub ‘Googlers’, you can harness the talent at your disposal in a way that successfully prepares for the future of work, building a brighter future for both you and your team.

For more on these topics and other Google perks, take a listen to the full podcast above!

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