[Podcast] Elevating your Screening Processes for a More Efficient 2021

In a recent interview, IHR’s Natasha Preocanin sat down, virtually, with Adam Rudd from First Advantage to discuss how organisations are perceiving background screening in recent years and how this shift was amplified by the recent pandemic, initiating global policies, data reliance and better communication with hiring managers.

With an abundance of new tools and technologies coming to the market in recent years, there have been a number of changes in recruitment processes overall, not least within background screening. In the last few years, and only augmented due to Covid-19, First Advantage, the leading global background check company, has been at the forefront of seeing how businesses’ perceptions of candidate screening has gone from a necessary criminal check to an enhanced process to better understand your candidates, and employees.

Topics Discussed:

  • Changes in the Background Screening industry
  • Improving hiring manager communication and support
  • The key elements needed for a successful screening process
  • Key lessons learnt from 2020
  • What 2021 might hold in store
  • …and much more!

Check out the highlights video for some of the key highlights or to gain access to the full insights, download the report.

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First Advantage provides easy-to-understand background reports so you can confidently make talent decisions. We provide employment screening including criminal history, education, employment, and professional license verifications, global sanctions and credit checks. Our searches cover 200+countries and territories. We are your First Advantage.

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