Rob Green

Found and Director, Rectec


I founded Rectec in 2019 to solve one of the biggest and most common problems in the recruitment and HR industry; buying and implementing the right recruitment software.

We are incredibly proud to have achieved this by developing a revolutionary technology solution. Rectec Compare has been designed and developed to analyse detailed business requirements, and match these with the technology vendors and products that best meet those needs.

Rectec Compare provides detailed, in-depth comparison and a unique shortlist of technology vendors, including all of the information you need to support your supplier selection. We’ve built in powerful, time and cost saving features, including vendor assessment and RFI automation tools.

We connect recruiters the right software solutions, harmonising the relationship between recruiters and technology and creating long-term technology partnerships. We’re launching these exciting new services in Q1 2021 as a free service for employers. Find out more at and contact me today if you’d like to discuss.

As an experienced and passionate recruitment technology leader, I thrive on supporting organisations to grow and succeed through the use of technology and automation.

I provide advice, support and expertise to organisations looking to streamline, transform, evolve and accelerate their recruitment and talent acquisition strategies.

I’ve achieved over 15 years experience in the Recruitment, HR and Technology sectors and during my career I’ve proudly obtained a reputation for delivering successful recruitment technology projects. I help organisations to benefit from a more efficient recruitment process, a significant reduction in manual administration and time to hire, and the extensive cost saving that comes from improving direct sourcing strategies.

If you’re thinking about recruitment technology, then I would love to think with you and share my thoughts, experience and ideas to help you achieve your goals…


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