Martin Goodwill



Martin’s role is to simplify the jobs of recruiters, providing easy-to-use psychometric assessments with transformational results.

Over the course of a 30-year career in Logistics, he developed a keen interest in maximising employee potential. He realised that the more information he had, the more effectively he could improve the performance of his teams.

Martin saw the value of psychometric assessments, but became very frustrated with the inflexibility, cost and complexity of most assessments in a number of areas – content, process, reports – and the need for ‘qualified’ people to interpret the results. Many assessments made users’ jobs harder, not easier.

In 2006, Martin made a career move into the assessment industry and became CEO of Great People Inside in 2017.

He says, “I found GPI’s assessments incredibly easy to work with, despite having no background in psychology or HR. From my experience, customers can be confident that GPI has successfully taken the complexity out of high-end assessments, without leaving the science behind. In doing that, we’ve made them accessible to the widest possible range of users and organisations.”


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