Katrina Collier

Owner, The Searchologist


IMAGINE IF THE PEOPLE WHO RECRUITED PEOPLE TREATED PEOPLE BETTER! Join me on my mission to inspire 1 million people to energise human connection in recruitment.

💪🏻 . Because the Internet gave people power.
🔎 . How you treat people is visible online.
😮 . And people don’t have to work for you.

HR, recruiters & hiring managers, it is time to get all the people who recruit people to treat people better


The Internet created transparency. People can see behind your closed doors… and they have choices, which may not include you or your company! 😮

And even though you know that your recruitment doesn’t run smoothly, or inadvertently your recruiters misuse tech, or your company’s reputation sucks, or your hiring managers burn people, or [insert your recruitment problems]… nothing changes!

I will help you create change by reducing resistance and inspiring all the people involved in your recruitment to adopt a human-first approach through:

★ LDJ Facilitation with your HR, talent acquisition and/or hiring managers; it often takes an outsider to free barriers and energise human connection.

★ The Robot-Proof Recruiter Mastermind; a unique certification for HR & recruiters wanting to future-proof their careers.

★ My book The Robot-Proof Recruiter

★ Keynote speaker for your events

…or perhaps you’d like something else?

Let’s chat. ✉️ katrina@thesearchologist.com ☎️ +447917880711


My pronouns are she/her. I am an ally and I am anti-racist.

My side-hustles include:

★ Co-host of The #SocialRecruiting Show – every Friday 3pm GMT on LinkedInLive
★ Founder of DisruptHR London & Cambridge
★ Ambassador for Hope for Justice – part of #ConncetingHRforJustice 💜
★ Business Mentor to the amazing Radical Recruit

When I’m not on a ✈️ you’ll find me tweeting & on Instagram @KatrinaMCollier, sharing way too many dog & travel snaps, and championing the #BeHuman cause.