Jim Berrisford

Director UK & Ireland, Vonq


What I do:

If you are looking for recruitment technology and are in a In House Team, Recruitment Agency or RPO, I am keen to chat about how you – Attract, Engage, Post, Hire, how you can  be Smarter with your spend, Wiser with your distribution channels, Understand your data and Intelligently Automate the process – Letting you and you team do the job you are best at.

I am the Sales Director for the UK & Ireland for VONQ – Recruitment Marketing Solutions and Services, with a suite to support any Volume, Niche or Specialist Recruitment Marketing, with leading technology VONQ lets you Distribute at scale, Automate with Easy, Target with Precision,  Across Active and Passive Channels, Job Boards and Social with Programmatic and Direct Apply – Recruitment Marketing Solutions and Services and a team of Specialist at hand if you require that bit more and a customised campaign tailored to you. With access to over 5000+ channels Social and Job boards VONQ is your Recruitment Marketing Solution to help you POST – ATTRACT & HIRE.

I am the Owner of Berrisford Associates, which started as a Recruitment Agency, evolved into an In-House Interim service, to a firm supporting Recruitment Technology start-ups as a board advisor, mentor and coach.

I am also the Co-Host and Co-Founder of RCIRCLE bringing the conversation to life for recruitment/hr/ta communities and more as we bring together small local events working with larger event firms.

I am also a Business Ambassador for Ambitious About Autism, a national charity for autistic children and young people, supporting engagement, services, solutions, fundraising and more, utlerlising my network of connections and professional relationships.

Whom I would like to connect with and help:

Happy to connect with anyone, keen to help those in the TA/Recruitment/HR/Marketing world that want an honest chat re recruitment marketing or recruitment technology.

I am also keen to connect with people in D&I, Neurodiversity, Marketing, Events, Arenas, and technology outside of recruitment that is improving the experience, engagement, and ease of use.


I am passionate about great technology, accessibility, equity, equality, belonging, and inclusion, I am a champion for Neurodiversity and blending the human involvement in technology to ensure choice and the right experience.

I mentor, advise, guide, and support Recruitment Technology firms, Recruiters, and TA professionals sharing skills, knowledge, and insights.


Thanks for reading – KR Jim B