Cara Myers

Group Talent Director


Hi there! I’m Cara 🙋🏽‍♀️ Currently Group Talent Director for an amazing business called Trinnovo Group, where I’m having an amazing time working with fantastic people. I have 9 years of international experience across the UK, Europe, America and Asia including a 3 year stint living in New York City (sadly never picked up a new accent). My experience to date is within high-growth businesses and I have a successful history of building strategies and teams (both locally and remotely) that have delivered growth and enabled scale. I’d be bored in a company where things don’t move at a million miles an hour. I love being creative and building things from scratch and I try to make things as special and exciting as possible. Proud to be part of the DE&I and CSR committee at Trinnovo Group and passionate about making talking about Mental Health the norm, because it is normal.

Outside of work I’m new to running 🏃🏽‍♀️ (yep, lockdown turned me into a runner!) Couldn’t even run 1km in April 2020 and ran my first half marathon in November 2020! Next goal is 30km and getting my average pace below 6 minutes, ALL tips welcome… please!! I also love good food 🍝 and wine 🍷 travel 🌍 interiors 🏡 and getting outdoors 🌳 ! 🙃