Anna Steele

HR Communications Consultant, BT


Anna has forged a long and successful career in talent attraction, specialising in marketing research and employee communication, and driven by data and insights to deliver talent attraction solutions for a multitude of organisations.  Having spent the last 4 years leading attraction for BT Consumer’s contact centre operations, her attention is firmly focused on how we use talent marketing techniques to retain, develop and engage our best employees to recruit from within.


IHR Live Manchester 2021

Using Talent Attraction Strategies to Bolster Internal Mobility

For far too long recruitment marketing and attraction strategies have been focused on the people we don’t have.  Building awareness of our company as an employer and starting conversations with future talent to tell our peoples’ stories; all with a view to bringing new people into the business. But the responsibilities of talent attraction and recruitment marketing managers can no longer end when a new employee walks through the doors on day one.

What the last 6 months have shown us all, no matter which industry you’re in or professions you recruit, talent is much harder to attract.  Spending more money on marketing isn’t necessarily the answer and raising salaries is a knee-jerk reaction which will lead to bigger issues later down the line.

In this session, I will talk through how investing in internal mobility tools and recruitment programmes could be the answer to your recruitment challenges, and how building relationships with HR and internal comms teams is one of the secrets in developing internal talent marketing strategies.