Alan Walker

Co-founder, Udder and Chat Talent


If you’re here you’re either a talent technology vendor looking for advice on how to stay relevant to customers; or you’re a Talent leader looking for someone who can support you to modernise your Talent, Recruitment or People function through technology.

Through Udder I’ve built a large and trusted network of Talent mentors (internal Talent folk) and advisors (HR tech experts) that allows me to quickly draw on any knowledge and expertise, help vendors validate and showcase their products to potential advocates, and allow Talent leaders to engage with peers to seek advice and tackle challenges together.


I have over 15 years of experience in Talent, Recruitment and HR – mostly in leadership roles.

I’ve led businesses providing people services, and I’ve built, ran and improved internal Recruitment, Talent and HR teams for a range of businesses – from startups through to FTSE100 listed companies.

I’ve done the hard yards in getting to understand the improvements that the right technology can bring in automating (where appropriate) and supercharging Talent functions, and know what works best for most situations, sectors and use cases.

I’m able to support Talent leaders to identify areas for improvement, identify suitable solutions, build business cases and ensure high levels of adoption.


I get what your customers want – and I have hands-on experience of their challenges, having held senior leadership roles in that world.

I’ve sat through nearly 300 different HR technology showcases and demos over the last 2 years. As well as demonstrating my dedication to the cause (or maybe my super geekery), this has given me an unparalleled awareness of the capabilities of HR technology.

I support technology entrepreneurs with everything from their product roadmap and raising awareness of their solution, through to go-to-market strategy and fund raising – and most of the stuff in between!


Daen Fox

Recruitment Manager at Nuffield Health