Achieving ROI on your Onboarding System: An Accenture Case Study

The rate at which businesses and processes have been fast forwarded into a digital dependency and new way of working is undoubtedly the same across many organisations. Where some businesses have already been set-up for digital success, there are some processes that have stuck and relied on an outdated, manual way of working. It is not to say that digital hadn’t been considered, but with any new technology comes a price that can almost always be justified as unnecessary if not backed up with hard evidence and data.

Accenture, acting as our case study for this post, had an onboarding process deemed to be entirely archaic, to say the least, but their digital journey to onboarding started a number of years ago and were able to not only change their complex and unmanageable workflows into something far more beneficial, but the cost benefits and ROI was huge.

In an age where purse strings have been tightened, but your candidates and colleagues are suffering, take a read of this case study and get the stakeholder buy-in you need by discovering:

  • How Accenture determined the need for an onboarding system
  • The key benefit areas as a result of the new technology
  • Understanding the lessons learned and what to avoid for yourself
  • A full breakdown of the calculated ROI

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