No Turning Back – Your Employer Brand Just Became Front Page News

Implementing and innovating an Employer Branding strategy is essential in ensuring business success. The goal of our Employer Branding Conference was to teach you how to celebrate your company persona and showcase what makes it unique. Learn the tools and techniques needed to update and enhance your employer brand at this dynamic digital event.

Emily Firth from thetruthworks, is an independent Employer Brand Consultant based in Amsterdam and the former Global Head of Employer Branding at Emily is a proud working mother and a vocal advocate for equality and inclusion – in the world as well as the workplace. Emily is also a resident ‘agony aunt’ on LinkedIn answering daily Employer Branding challenges in her feature #AskEmily.

Topics Discussed
  • Covid-19 has given companies nowhere to hide the challenges with their company culture
  • How companies treat their employees suddenly became front-page news
  • What we can learn from this new era of transparency in employer branding
  • How Covid-19 will shift our approach to employer branding forever
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