Talent Attraction – Let’s talk about the ‘C’ word… and no, it’s not COVID! It’s candidates.

More candidates means more applications – and more people to reject. Recruitment costs are increasing, but a candidate’s experience shouldn’t suffer as a result. It’s key to have the tools to ensure every candidate, successful or not, has a positive experience.

At our Candidate Experience Virtual Conference, Dave showed us world-class examples of talent attraction campaigns that get results! Learn why these campaigns first and foremost need to be built based on making friends first before you need them. How to gain key insights into the human truths; what we’ve heard, what they like, and how to stand out.

Topics Discussed
  • Insights into what the current candidate needs
  • Techniques you can use to improve your talent attraction effectiveness
  • How to apply the Give and Get philosophy we use, repelling the many and attracting the few to get the perfect match
  • …and more!
Who Spoke

Dave Hazlehurst

Partner - Director of Client Services

We’re Ph.Creative, defenders of happiness.

We’re here so that everyone loves their job.

An internationally successful employer branding agency with offices in Liverpool, London, San Diego and New York. Dedicated to better candidate experience, at Ph.Creative we bring clarity, focus, and diversity to our clients’ talent attraction activities, ensuring they discover the best people for their businesses, worldwide.

Effective employer branding means happy candidates and happy teams, and ultimately that means happy customers. We believe it’s the single most important element of modern-day business strategy.


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