Navigating Through the Early Careers Journey

Times are changing for Early Careers Recruitment. Academic success doesn’t guarantee expertise in the workplace and with the rising cost of higher education, young people are considering alternative routes to their careers. Early engagement is key, as well as an attraction campaign that is catered to the needs and interests of the younger generation.

At our Early Careers Virtual Conference, Andy guides us through the Early Careers journey with the use of recruitment technology!

Topics Discussed
  • Exploring how agility in tech can support your Early Careers candidates and the journey they experience
  • From an animated application process, through to a creative and interactive onboarding experience
  • Keeping engagement and excitement high
  • …and more!
Who Spoke



eArcu is the market leading Talent Acquisition & CRM Suite. From initial recruitment advertising, developing candidate relationships and tracking applicants through the selection process, right through to offer generation and onboarding. eArcu’s recruitment software & recruitment best practice provides an exceptional candidate experience for our clients’ candidates, hiring managers and recruiters.

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