Maximising Your Employer Brand Efforts in the Era of Hybrid Working

Developing an impactful employer brand has many benefits to a business, from strengthening its position on the market to increasing return on investment. The pandemic changed the working life from how we knew it and birthed the normality of hybrid working. But how does a business maximise its employer brand effort in this era?

At our Employer Branding Conference, we were joined by Global Director Justin Diver, who has worked with many global organisations and showed them how to leverage brand activation management technology (BAM). Reducing their reliance on expensive agencies and empower them to produce their brand consistent collateral. Here’s how…

Topics Discussed
  • What hybrid working means for company culture and to Employer Branding professionals
  • How to be a learner, more productive and more effective
  • Effective ways to deliver more Employer Brand assets, with fewer resources
  • …and more!
Who Spoke

Justin Diver

Sales Director

Papirfly is changing the way your teams work forever with Brand Activation Management, or BAM™. With easy to use online tools, create branded digital, print and video marketing materials in an instant, in any language, without specialist skills.

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