Recruitment is becoming increasingly consumerised as employers need to come up with creative, engaging propositions to gain a competitive advantage and attract the best candidates. At our 2017 Manchester In-house Recruitment Conference, we heard how one of the most successful global fintech brands harnessed the power of online content and social media to stand out from the crowd.

Anthony Trigo, Digital Transformation Manager at global payments platform Fleetcor, is well familiarised with all things digital, having helped big names like Sky, Vodafone and B&Q develop engaging, valuable marketing strategies to connect with their customers online. He is currently working on building Fleetcor a best-in-class online presence.

Below he shares with us some insights in advance of his talk at the Manchester In-house Recruitment Conference on 2nd November 2017.

1. What should we expect from your talk at this year’s Manchester In-house Recruitment Conference? Can you share any teasers from your presentation?

I’ll be talking about the challenges and the opportunities of transforming the digital footprint of a global business, as well as where we’ve seen success, overcoming any fear of ‘going digital’ and consumerising the recruitment experience. I’ll be encouraging everyone to think about whether they would ‘buy’ a role with their business based on their current digital experience.

2. Have you been to any of our past conferences? Why do you think it’s important to have such an event in Manchester?

As the second best place to work in the UK, according to Glassdoor, in-house recruiters have a great opportunity to capitalise on the city’s growth and exciting heritage. Also, having one of the fastest growing digital and creative scenes in the UK means that businesses need to assess their digital profile to see if it is fit for purpose, and attending one of these events, as I have in the past, is always a great opportunity to learn more about best practice in this area.

3. Recruitment is becoming increasingly digitised, what tools and innovations have you implemented as a result of this transformation? How has this benefitted you and your business?

We’ve looked at our entire candidate journey, from brand discovery to on-boarding, and where digital can complement or automate the journey:

  • Jobatar, a video interviewing platform, helped us automate some of the initial recruitment conversations and drive convenience for our candidates.
  • Textio, an augmented writing platform for creating highly effective job listings, is helping reshape some of our initial job descriptions
  • TribePad, an ATS we recently invested in, is transforming the entire process from applications to on-boarding to be more digital friendly.

We’re also looking at building chatbots to help candidates through the process and employees with common recruitment/HR queries.

4. What are some of your tips into developing a successful employee engagement and retention strategy? Can you share any good examples that you have seen of this?

Treat employees like adults and increasingly like consumers. Really listen to them, get them involved in decision making and drive a shared purpose for the business that everyone can get behind. We’ve started to build a strategy for internal data collection, via face to face, online or group discussions, in order to give us some actionable insight that will improve the employee experience. I’d recommend plotting out what data do you need in order to make decisions over the next 12 months and build a plan to collect it.  

5. What, in your view, is the most important thing to consider when searching for the best new talent?

In an increasingly candidate driven market I think the best thing you can ask yourself is why would anybody ‘buy’ from you i.e. apply for a role? Is your proposition good enough?

Anthony Trigo

Anthony Trigo spoke about the digital transformation Fleetcor has undergone in an effort to reshape its global employer brand at the In-house Recruitment Manchester Conference on 2 November 2017.


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