Ahead of our upcoming ‘London Conversation’ In-house Recruitment conference, we caught up with our expert speakers from Transport for London to gain some exclusive insight into what they will be presenting at the event, taking place on the 6th April 2017.

Rebecca & Charlotte will be presenting on “Enhancing your Executive Hiring Strategy” so get a sneak peek below!

Find out more about the London Conversation here: Tickets & Agenda 

Q: What are the main challenges when it comes to moving Exec-search in-house?

A: There are 2 major areas of challenge for companies, they are;

  • Engagement and establishing trust with the business / gaining control back from the search firms and proving that an in-house team not only has the ability to deliver but can often offer a better product.
  • Process and systems – a move in-house requires a shift in process. Where the business may be used to a more transactional approach, an in-house search function is strategic. Businesses must view HR as a strategic partner. Lastly, many in-house systems are set up to manage recruitment transactions as opposed to strategic proactive hiring this means that there is a lot of manual work at the beginning!

Q:  How are TfL using innovation in your hiring strategy?

A: We have 6 key areas that we have focussed on in terms of innovation:

  • Diversity – This is strategic priority for TfL. We target 33% Diversity on every shortlist. To achieve this, we look for candidates in unusual places and place emphasis on transferrable skills rather than knowledge and experience.
  • SMART sourcing – we are working closely with our colleagues in SMART sourcing to establish practices such as Women Returners, Military Hiring.
  • Candidate Engagement – Content and conversations in place of adverts. We pro-actively approach candidates to talk to them about our roles – this is our hard approach. This is complemented by targeted marketing and social media content which aims to raise the profile of TfL’s mission and purpose – our soft approach.
  • Talent Pipelining – our ultimate aim is to use our knowledge of talent networks to shape our business instead of constantly seeking candidates to fill specific roles:
    • Top 10 Referrals programme – tapping into our organisation’s networks to identify talent for the long term. This opens up a pool of pre-qualified candidates that we can engage with.
    • Market Mapping – commissioned a search into Major Programmes across the UK and globally. Once we have the market intelligence, we can manage the engagement piece
    • Internal Talent Networks – using Maximising potential data to identify and develop strong internal talent
  • Technology – we have agreed a partnership with a leading CRM. The system will enable us to store and track talent mapping data.
  • Reporting – We are also innovative in the way that we report to the business. We highlight cost savings and improvements in speed and quality. We have fully embraced the advice that HR needs to come into the boardroom!

Q:  What do companies need to consider when looking at new innovative approaches?

A: They need to consider why they are innovating in the first place. What is the need and why do they need a new approach? This thinking will affect the type and rate of change.

Innovation does not mean invention. To innovate is to approach something in a different way. It does not need to be radical and new.

Seek advice from peers. TfL is meeting with industry peers within the ESIX group, Linkedin and Facebook. Their practices may be the innovation that your organisation needs.

Some attempts will fail. Similarly, do not expect things to run smoothly all the time. Focus on incremental changes and wins – they add up to a bigger impact and change.

Consider how value can be measured. For many businesses this is time to hire but you need to show ROI, cost savings, productivity improvements.

Q:  What are your top tips for successful executive hiring strategies in 2017?

A: My top three tips for 2017 would have to be;

  • Take real action to tackle Diversity. You need to produce tangible results. Diversity is more than just a consideration. It is a real business need and they enabler of future productivity.
  • Be pro-active. Step up and provide the business with information about what they need in terms of skills and hiring. Use your knowledge of the talent market to direct how and when they hire.
  • Build on your success. Take advantage or relationships that you have with successful hires to raise your profile in the organisation.

For full details of Rebecca and Charlotte’s ‘Enhancing your Executive Hiring Strategy‘ presentation and for details of our full agenda, click here


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