Linklaters is currently promoting the hashtag, #liveyourambition, to their 4k+ audience on Twitter and this highlights a recent change in their approach to social media for recruitment. Having now moved away from primarily broadcasting information and a one sided conversation with their followers, Linklaters’ posted content now facilitates a more fluid, two way conversation.

While Linklaters is a leading example in terms of its graduate Twitter account, the firm recognises that it isn’t all about the number of followers and that striking a balance is key. Follower count needs to be balanced with structured feedback from focus groups, chatting and tracking the account’s success. Content is targeted primarily towards undergraduates, graduates and experienced hires, however next steps may include the provision of content engineered towards career services, postgrads and recruitment organisations.

Engagement is a top priority, with the team behind Linklaters’ social media channels striving to empower partners (the end users / hiring managers) to engage with candidates. Most law firms are not providing engaging enough information to retain and increase followers and this new outcome focus will enable Linklaters to create further competitive advantage. Despite this, when I spoke directly to Linklaters’ Graduate Marketing Advisor Claudine Vega, she confirmed, “Our main focus isn’t on what other law firms are doing, but rather looking at our social media strategy from a student’s perspective,” and it is this targeted approach that gives Linklaters’ recruitment-driven social media platforms their edge.

“Pitch Your Ambition aimed at a diverse on-campus audience, managed to reach c6.3 million people”

Despite Linklaters’ lack of need for direct competitor comparison, we do know they are one of the few firms with a dedicated Graduate Recruitment team on Twitter with a number of individuals contributing, including a Graduate Recruitment Partner who sponsors the programme. Their content is intensively varied, constructed and scheduled to distinguish the firm from other firms’ profiles, and to raise continuous awareness of the programmes that the firm offers.  Building and maintaining a strong brand presence is achieved via strong content that covers video, reward and benefits, summer vacation schemes, contracts, diversity events, firm-wide initiatives and information to help candidates both succeed in the recruitment process as well as tackle exams. Content is shared both through Twitter, and through their dedicated Facebook page which has a huge audience of 10k+ likes having grown this by a staggering 426% in the year to October 2015.

Their approach to content complements the firm’s core objectives of increasing engagement and audience. Tying in the graduate account with wider Linklaters social media allows for brand continuity and gives candidates more direct access to information about Linklaters and the firm’s culture, through targeted campaigns and encouraging partners and trainees to contribute to online conversations. This was achieved through ‘Diversity Week’, which reiterated the importance the firm places on a diverse workforce and engaged everyone within the firm, including partners, associates, trainees, their Front of House Team, and HR on a global scale. This created a buzz both on and off campus. On Linklaters’ Twitter feed for example, you will see many contributions from Summer Vacation Scheme students who, in their own time proactively shared their experiences with peers and followers through their own accounts.

Excitingly, Linklaters’ most recent campaign, Pitch Your Ambition aimed at a diverse on-campus audience, managed to reach c6.3 million people in spring including public figures and celebrities who were participating in support of students’ entries.

Summary: in an industry where differentiation is extremely hard, Linklaters is standing out by being progressively more useful to potential candidates and inspiring two-way conversation.

Adam Gordon is founder of Social Media Search, a Norman Broadbent plc company, managing recruitment social media channels and talent pooling for some of the leading employers internationally.


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