Learning from Gaming, VR and AR to Create Great Brand Experiences

A great recruitment experience should be two-way traffic: candidates need to have an excellent, positive brand experience and companies need to retrieve valuable data on authentic candidate behaviours. The gaming industry is an incredibly successful and growing area that we can take inspiration from and use within recruitment, specifically within assessment, selection and onboarding.

Games are an excellent way for brands to distinguish themselves from their competitors by telling their story in a unique, fun, immersive environment. For candidates or new hires, these games are not only fun but also a cognitive challenge where they are able to experiment with desired behaviours, are safe to fail, and able to learn fast from their mistakes. This is the most natural way a person can learn new skills, get familiar with new behaviours and experiment within a new context.

At our Creating an Authentic EVP Using Storytelling & Gamification virtual event, we heard from expert in his field, Marcus Vlaar who shared his valuable insight.

Topics Discussed
  • Engaging people on an emotional level
  • Understanding why people play
  • Best practice and case studies: recruitment and onboarding games
  • Tips, tricks and avoiding pitfalls
Who Spoke

Marcus Vlaar

Creative Director and Co-Founder
Event Partner

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