Key Trends Guiding Recruitment Leaders through the New COVID-19 World

The 2020 pandemic has radically changed work as we know it. HR and Talent professionals can no longer talk about the future of work as though change is on the horizon. The future of work is here, now.

As people leaders orient business processes to a true people-first paradigm, three guiding themes have emerged: the need for empathy, resilience, and empowerment. Taken together, these themes encompass six trends guiding HR leaders through changing times. In this virtual event, we combined speaker case study presentations on recruitment processes with roundtable discussions that provided the insights needed to move your processes and strategies forward in 2020 and beyond.

Topics Discussed
  • How organizations attempt business as usual when everything is profoundly unusual
  • Effective onboarding for a remote workforce
  • Developing a cohesive and inclusive community during the pandemic
  • Reskilling: how to manage and retain talent in a virtual world
  • Building a digital brand – how can employees & companies raise their profile in the current climate?
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke

Yazad Dalal

Senior Strategy Director
Event Partner

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