Job Descriptions – 3 Steps to a Consistent Experience

A job description can often be a candidate’s first interaction with you as an employer, so you need to ensure it gets them instantly hooked. Below, our friends from AppVault share 3 simple steps to create a consistent application experience with job descriptions, ahead of their Innovation Showcase demo at our Recruitment Technology Conference.

Inclusion, diversity, employee culture, bean bags, pool tables, roof garden, flexi work arrangements…all ingredients in creating a great company and for attracting the best talent….right? Right.

A well designed, content-rich career site, informing candidates of your great employee culture should showcase the best you have to offer. Although try to keep the corporate speak for shareholders and fund raising. But where to from there for potential candidates? The job description and application experience are very often a big disappointment. And what if the best candidates never even see your careers page?

Companies often overlook the fact that most job seekers will be driven straight to their landing pages via search and job boards, bypassing the careers site altogether. The job descriptions shared on various sites are usually generated by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and totally undersell the opportunity and bear little or no resemblance to the true company culture.

PwC’s recent ‘Workforce of the Future’ survey, found that 88% of Millennials want to work for a company whose values reflect their own. Considering millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025 it is imperative companies extend their true values at every opportunity and reach as many potential candidates as possible.

1. Content

A skills tick box exercise in recruitment and candidate selection is no guarantee that you will find the best candidate for your company, and the company/team fit is more important than the job. If you have invested in Inclusion and Diversity programs, shout about it. Let the job seekers inside with content relevant to the positions you are recruiting for, cut out the unnecessary corporate speak.

Most employers will agree that a diverse workforce is beneficial to their business. Staff involved in the recruitment process are trained in unconscious bias, ensuring the best candidates are offered positions. If, however, you are not attracting a diverse range of applicants then this is not going to be as effective as it could be.

2. Calls to Action

We obviously want the best candidates to click the ‘Apply’ button. But the Apply button is not the only action job seekers should be afforded. If you have attracted a job seeker to your job description (and especially if you have paid for that click) give them reasons and opportunities to engage with you. Similar positions by skills or geography and talent community sign up, content that shows you are their employer of choice and the ability to share this opportunity with friends and social networks.

3. Talent Pipeline

Recruitment is expensive, both in time and cost. Having a talent pipeline may sound utopian but maximising your Recruitment Marketing spend with a Talent Community makes a lot of sense. In fact, a candidate sign-up from a job description can be just as rewarding as an application. Building a relationship with this candidate with timely and relevant communications can lead to a brand advocate that will result in many more great candidates.

AppVault helps companies create an emotional connection between your organisation and the people that will help grow it. As a cloud-based Recruitment Marketing Platform we enable recruiting departments of all sizes to optimise, expand, and improve their Talent Acquisition effectiveness. Automated Marketing communications, Programmatic Advertising campaigns, and Employment Brand articulation empower our clients to increase the quality of applicants while simultaneously reducing their overall time and cost to hire.

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