What makes a successful in-house recruiter and what does 2015 hold?

After the success of the In-house Recruitment Awards 2014 our headline sponsors, First Choice Software, have taken the opportunity to interview the people behind the awards.Carol White 150x150


In the third part of this blog series, Richard Turrell – Head of Marketing at First Choice Software, interviews Carol White – Head of Recruitment at WSP and part of the team that won Best Recruitment Advertising Campaign.


Starting with a much asked question, what is the most important attribute of an In-house recruiter?

Tenacity is hugely important due to the fast paced nature of the environment we work in. Likewise the ability to sell the company at every stage of the recruitment process is crucial, so we need to be up to speed with all corporate developments, for example big project wins.

Looking back at 2014, what was your biggest personal achievement?

It was a big year with lots of highlights but the stand out items for me are recruiting over 700 new hires in a skill short market, winning the in-house recruitment award and being nominated as one of the Top 100 Talent Acquisition professionals for 2015 by LinkedIn.

That sounds like a very successful 2014! What do you expect to be your biggest personal challenge in 2015?

We have to maintain the momentum and continue to build on our successes. In 2015 we will have even larger recruitment volumes in a skill short “hot” market so that will be a big challenge for me to ensure we hit our targets.

To help you attract the best candidates what has been your main acquisition source?

We rely heavily on social media and networking to attract in the right talent. LinkedIn in particular has become like an extra team member – we have a Company profile page and use tailored contact and advertising to ‘set the scene’ for potential candidates before we approach them. We talk to them about our growth strategy, our market intelligence, our network and we use it to seek referrals.

And do you see this changing in 2015?

The routes to market won’t change but we will be extending our reach overseas as well. The advanced technology we have at our disposal these days is an invaluable resource for international recruitment. We can now easily arrange interviews with candidates in Australia, Middle East, South America through skype or video conferencing, and because we have offices across the world we can get them to meet someone face to face locally as well.

Finally… what is the best thing about working for WSP?

WSP fosters a culture of creativity and flexibility which enables people to get the best results in the best way for them. That’s why, for me personally, the best thing about working at WSP is that I know I have the ability to influence real change and provide significant outcomes for the business.

What the judges said:

(WSP) set out with a clear objective, maintained brand consistency and differentiated themselves from the industry “norm” with the campaign having demonstrated creativity, innovation and effectiveness.



About WSP

WSP is one of the world’s leading professional services firms, working with governments, businesses, architects and planners and providing integrated solutions across many disciplines. The firm provides services to transform the built environment and restore the natural environment. It has approximately 15,000 employees, based in more than 300 offices, across 35 countries, on every continent.

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