Onsite RPO In-house Recruitment Team: An Interview with WilsonHCG #IHRA19

Candidate.ID were our partner for the category ‘Best Onsite RPO In-house Recruitment Team’. In the run-up to our 2019 awards, they arranged some interviews with the finalists and obtained some very valuable insights as to how they achieved such success. Congratulations to WilsonHCG who won the gold award for this category!
After being shortlisted for the category, Candidate.ID’s CEO, Adam Gordon, had a chat with Lesley Taylor from WilsonHCG about her team’s work for AB InBev and how they achieved such great results…

WilsonHCG entered into the RPO partnership with AB InBev back in July 2017. The global brewing company, which has a very fast-paced working environment, sought WilsonHCG’s help to develop an efficient recruitment process. AB InBev also needed help training its staff on a new applicant tracking system (ATS) that it had recently implemented. So recent in fact, that it was actually launched the very same day that the onsite WilsonHCG team arrived at AB InBev’s headquarters to start work!

WilsonHCG’s objectives were:

  • To manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish
  • Create a reporting suite within the ATS to give full transparency
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Realign the team structure
  • Drive direct hire delivery

The dedicated WilsonHCG team hit the ground running and created a comprehensive training program for the AB InBev staff to educate them on how to effectively use the new ATS. The team also implemented a new CRM to manage multiple talent pools, establishing several talent pipelines and talent pools in the process before developing various engagement strategies. To drive engagement with the talent pool members and ensure ROI, the team worked with AB InBev to develop compelling content that positioned the global company as an employer of choice, which was then distributed among the various talent pools.

As well as having a dedicated team onsite, AB InBev also had access to resources from WilsonHCG’s shared services centres, which helped to develop a Glassdoor initiative to increase AB InBev’s review rating and introduce a video assessment initiative.


After just 18 months, WilsonHCG’s contract was extended with additional scope including the management of AB InBev’s internship process and summer placements in Europe, conducting executive search across the region, increasing the number of graduate candidates, and developing a pilot scheme for the creation of a scheduling bot to help speed up the recruitment process.

Now for the figures. The average time-to-hire stands at 30.2 days, while the time-to-shortlist was reduced to 7.88 days and 68% of hires are now direct, with only 1% coming from agencies. It’s also no surprise that the WilsonHCG team smashed its target for hiring manager satisfaction surveys with a score of 4, well above the 3.87 target.

The In-house Recruitment Awards 2019 took place on Wednesday 4th December in London. Candidate.ID partnered the Best RPO Onsite In-house Recruitment Team category – congratulations to all the finalists and winners!


Candidate.ID is a talent pipeline software platform which enables the most sophisticated talent nurture marketing available in recruitment. Our data and insight technology allows recruiters to understand who is merely aware and who is warm for opportunities with your organisation in real time. We launched in September 2016, were acknowledged as one of the most disruptive startups in HR tech the following month and now enable multi-national employers to create more personalised candidate experience, enhance quality-of-shortlist and reduce time-to-shortlist.


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