Making Assessments Simpler, Easier to Understand and More Affordable

With Great People Inside assessments, you can:

  • Match people with jobs based on their inherent capabilities
  • Understand the strengths and key development areas of new employees allowing for successful and fast onboarding, integration and high performance
  • Identify key performance drivers and talent development opportunities in your existing workforce

We appreciate that every organisation is unique and spends a lot of money defining and developing its unique leadership competencies, culture, customer service and business advantage which begs a question:

Your organisation is unique – why aren’t your assessments?

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Great People Inside is the customisable assessment platform that simplifies your recruitment – without leaving the science behind.

Our assessments are:
Simple – remove complexity but retain the science
Understandable – use plain, usable language
Affordable – let you control your assessment costs
Accessible – any device, anytime, anywhere.
Flexible – measure exactly what you need
Consistent – enable objective decision-making
Up-to-date – address today’s people issues
Scientific – meet or exceed British Psychological Society standards

Great People Inside – assessments that reflect the world you live in.

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