Infographic: Top Challenges Our Recruitment Technology Community Face

For each event we run, we ask a number of questions to each attendee. This helps us gain more insight into who they are, and what their needs and challenges may be. It is their answers that guide us on which is the best content, and which are the most suitable events to put in front of them. It ​is also how we advise our partners on getting the most out of our community of 20,000 In-house Recruiters.

Through our 2020 webinar registrations within the Recruitment Technology sector, we have learned which topics our community want to hear more about over the next 12 months; about what they see as the most common challenges within their role, how many would want to be contacted after the event, and which of our attendees may be on the lookout to innovate their ATS/technology systems in the next year.

Check out our infographic below ​which neatly illustrates these responses, and check in with our partnerships team to see just how lucrative a partnership with us can be!

Most Common Recruitment Technology Challenges

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