Infographic: In-house Recruitment Insights – Supplier Showcase

With the success of this year’s Supplier Showcase, (now going to be known as Innovation Showcase.) We have prepared some of this year’s virtual conferences best data & insights, which we thought you’d enjoy! The great thing about participating in events like this is that it gives our partners a platform to establish their products and services to an audience looking for the right fit. If you’ve been unsure whether this would be the right channel for your business, look at our infographic below and see for yourself. 

 One of the first things we wanted to know about our audience was what were the topics of most interest to them. This is so when we go forward with Innovation Showcase, we can make sure we tailor the best content to suit them. 31% of our audience responded highly to the topic talent attraction, whilst close second was 24% talent engagement. This is infographic isn’t just about showing you what our delegates are looking for, but who they are as well. 

From the company size you can see that 40% of our delegates came from a company size of 0-500 employees. However, 501-10,000+ accumulated to 59% of our overall audience for this event. With 74% of the seniority level being between Head of or Directors, Managers, and Team Leaders.

As you can see from the bar chart above, over 50% of our attendees were either currently in the market or looking to improve their talent technology in the next three months. It’s with figures like these, we are confident next year’s Innovation Showcase will be bigger and better (as the bar chart also states, there are still 13% of delegates who will be looking to change in the next 12-24 months!).

Another interesting question we asked our audience, was “When buying technology, what is your preferred source of information?”. The top two answers were 33% from their peers, and 33% said research organisations. They were closely followed in third with 25% industry experts. With the combination of the answers given, it proves that 100% of our audience were in the right place!

The top five products and services people were looking to obtain talent technology for were, Candidate Experience, Recruitment Technology, Diversity & Inclusion, ATS, and AI. With the last 12 months reshaping the landscape of how we now work. Our environment and working from home is only providing a higher demand for ATS and Talent Technology solutions!

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Infographic: In-house Recruitment Insights – Recruitment Leaders
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